5 Tips to Take Your Sex Chats Up a Notch

If you insist that you’re not sexting, you’re probably lying. I know that a lot of us see sexting and taking nudes as a cardinal sin of the internet (along with sending money to Nigerian princes that slide into your inbox). But let’s all be honest with one another, sexting is just an extension of our sexuality through technology, even France has could on with the advent of plan cul and other sexting sites. We’d be missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with our significant others (and get our rocks off) if we didn’t sext. So don’t let any guilt brought on by poorly written movie plots or cable news PSAs stop you from getting freaky in front of a front camera.

Now that that’s out of the way, one of the biggest problems people have with sexting is understanding how to sext well. There’s a learning curve when it comes to sexting. Remember how difficult it was to master being sexy in the first place (whether that be at a bar or in the bedroom)? Now you need to apply that to words on a screen.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your sex chats sexy and steamy (right up to the climax).

  1. Respond quickly… or take your time 
    When it comes to sexting you can either choose two routes. Let’s start with responding quickly:
    If you’re alone at night with your room only illuminated by your phone screen, you should respond quickly to your partner in order to keep things moving along. This is great for when you’re alone but can’t FaceTime or Skype for whatever reason (or if you just want to keep things text based).
    Responding quickly keeps things hot and heavy, which is what you want in a situation like this.
    Or… you can drag things out. And why would you want to do that? To build tension, obviously. This is great if you have a date planned later or a Skype session to build up to. You can keep this tension up while at work by sending steamy messages at work. This will build the anticipation until you finally can be alone with your phone (or your lover).
  2. Pics, but don’t reveal everything
    They key to sexting is to not reveal all your secrets at once… and that includes your body. Sure, you may be tempted to send a full on nude… but when they want another picture right after what are you supposed to send?
    I suggest taking the strip tease route. Send photos as you gradually remove clothing. Sometimes what you can’t see is more enticing than what you can see. Plus if you’re at work, you can really build the tension by going to the bathroom and taking a sexy snap before getting back to your shift; this will help build the tension all day long.
  3. Use your words 
    While this sound obvious since we’re talking about sexting. But guys, we totally screw up on this front. We are guilty of sending “oohs” and “ahhs” and “tell me more”s, but that’s not enough for women. Why do you think women read so many erotic novels? Because words can be sexy. So dig deep for your sexiest sentences to make her swoon.